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Bangalore, India

Site Area
Builtup Area

During our first site we were taken in with the unexpected character of the 6000 sft site which is flanked by 25000 sft of the neighbors wooded garden. Located in the dense neighborhood of Wilson garden in the heart of Bangalore, this wooded property of the neighbors buffered the clients property from the street . The site was earlier a part of this wooded garden and is marked by the presence of large trees.Being in the site gave us the feeling of being enveloped by the tree canopies . The play of light during the day as a result of this canopy was dramatic and inspirational. The ground displayed the presence of loose sheets of rocks. Driven by this character the design idea is  about a porous structure like a pavilion that absorbed this character at the higher levels  and at the lower level it assumed the character of a cave as a response to the rocky terrain. This idea helped us organize the diverse  spatial requirements accordingly.The façade is basically treated  as a surface designed  to borrow the views to the wooded scenery beyond and also deal with the western sun. It is defined by a series of moveable vertical fins which is able to regulate light and privacy requirements. The designed gardens, terraces and water bodies along with the existing trees punctuates the spatial planning rendering an experiential character that belongs to the place.