, India

Site Area
Builtup Area

The plot is located in an suburban golf enclave and it overlooked a man made waterbody within the golf course along the western edge of the plot. The land sloped up from the road along  eastern edge to the golf course along the western edge.As a result of this one had to climb up to the western edge to view the landscaped terrain of the golf course. The design for the house is about creating spaces that allows for this discovery  and engagement with this landscape. The entry to the house is accessed through a gradual ascent articulated by steps and water bodies flanked by the rolling terrain building up a sense of anticipation which culminates with the discovery of the golf course along the back side of the house.  The western edge accommodates the sleeping and living spaces, these spaces are shielded from the harsh sun by balconies,  decks  which act as effective spillovers for enjoying this landscape. The dining space and the guest room over looks the garden treated as the continuum of the golf course  along the eastern edge.