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, India

Site Area
Builtup Area

Located in the neighborhood of  Jayanagar,  the site measured around 2400sq ft. We are interested in the  idea of house as a refuge from the ever increasing  busyness, the speed and the pollution that has come to constitute what we encounter on a everyday basis in the city of Bangalore.Here the house is seen  as an anchor, a stable humane environment  creating spaces for escape, contemplation and enjoyment.

Open aspect of the design relates to the clients  community way of life where extended family is supported and is included in much of their rituals and daily life. Pooja room is  a critical part of  this culture and is designed as a sub-volume located between the living and dining lending to the increase of privacy levels between the two spaces.


The idea of refuge fueled the idea of cast concrete structure with the material adding to tactile quality of space.strategically this concrete armature is punctuated with softer plastered masonry, wood surfaces, windows and openings hidden behind timber screens, lending privacy and also controlling the amount of light. Day light coming through the various apertures of  this layered envelope is seen as a crucial factor animating the interior spaces and surfaces. Landscape is seen as a vital part of this layering system. Here green walls help in defining envelopes where it adds to the humane experience intended.