, India

Site Area
Builtup Area

The site is 10000sft land located in an urban enclave in Bangalore. The brief spoke of old bungalows and the client intended for his house to have that character. In the traditional colonial idea of the bungalow, the  houses mediated the garden through semi enclosed verandas or transitional spaces but the fundamental idea was still the separation between the garden and the house. Rather than looking at “building” and the “garden” as separate entities we tried to see if there is a possibility of creating a connected experience between the two  while maintaining their distinct identities.


On the outset there is clear distinction between the outdoor and indoors as the house can be read as a distinct cube set in the garden, but once within the character changes and it becomes hard to sense this separation. Though there is a presence of a defined edge as in a  wall between the outside and the inside ,it is strategically perforated to blur this edge or the difference allowing the garden to be an integral part of the experience.