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, India

Site Area
Builtup Area

Feeling of expanse has been achieved within the house inspite of the extensive program requirement, by organising the closed spaces, peripheral  to the interconnected open spaces -living, skylit court, dining & kitchen. This forms an open, active, central volume around which the other closed spaces are positioned. All the rooms in the house are directly connected with this volume. A vented skylit court becomes the core of the  house keeping it lit naturally throughout the day and also exhausting the hot air. The setbacks have been internalized effectively ,either physically or visually, based on the space abutting it.

The client owns a hardwood business enterprise and was keen on using wood as a significant material in the house. The material palette is primarily limited to white marble, wood, plastered and painted white walls with colours being used only as accents.

All the bedrooms are visually linked with the open part of the house through  internal window openings.

An independent square spiral staircase provides access to the terrace which becomes the garden of the house and is used primarily  for entertainment and is equipped with a pantry and a powder room. This  terrace also has a lift access directly from a lobby at the  parking  level.

The house is sectionally organised to have a scaled down frontage when compared to the elaborate program it houses. The open kitchen and dining has been positioned such that  the lady of the house has a direct visual connect with the vegetable vendor on the road from the kitchen.